Music: Aniete – Great Wonder

Here is a brand new single from gospel music singer Anietie titled “Great Wonder”. Be inspired by this song.
Akpan Anietie Isaiah is a child of God, a called worship leader, song writer and a Gospel Artiste
He is from the family of Nnung Inyang, Anyam Nsit village in Nsit Ibom LGA of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. He lives in Port Harcourt.

Download and listen.



GREAT WONDERVerse: I’ve heard so much about you, great wonderThe all powerful, that is who You are.You are God all by Yourself, forever.Once crucified, but now You live.The offering of Your life for me.Was single and complete oh.
CHORUS :Nobody like You, Nobody like You.(Nobody like you)Nobody like You,(In all the Earth) Nobody like You(Nobody like you)Nobody like you(Nobody like you Jesus)Nobody like you(Oh oh oh oh oh)Nobody like You, (Nobody like You Lord)Nobody like YouGreat Wonder( oh oh oh oh oh oh, you a Great Wonder Lord)Repeat verseRepeat chorusNobody like You,(Nobody like you) Nobody like You(Nobody like you)Nobody like you(I’ve searched all over)Nobody like You(There’s none like You Lord)Nobody like You(I’ve tested and I’ve seen)Nobody like You(That’s why I call You Great Wonder)Nobody like You(Oh oh oh oh oh)Nobody like You(You fought for my victory)Nobody like You(On the cross of Calvary)Nobody like You(So I call You)Great Wonder( Great and mighty God that is who you are. Stand in awe of you great are worthy to be praise)BRIDGEYou made the Heavens and the Earth.By Your spoken word, You established everything.Who can be compared with You oh LordI’ve searched all over.There’s none like You.(Somebody say)(Repeat Bridge 2times)(Nobody like you)Nobody like you(Nobody like you) Lord.Nobody like you(Nobody like you)Nobody like you(In all the Earth.)Nobody like you.(Nobody like you Jesus)Nobody like you.(Nobody)Nobody like you.( I called you )( Oti mgbodomgbo,) (The one with the most renowned name) Nobody like you (2times)(Agu n’ eche mba,) (The Tiger that guides the territory) Nobody like you (2times)(Onye na bia ozo.) (He that is to come again) Nobody like you (2times)(You are worthy), Nobody like you.(You are worthy)Nobody like you.(Akwa Abasi Ibom, “aha”) (The Almighty God) Nobody like you (2times)(Anam akpaniko, hai) (The faithful God)Nobody like you (2times)(Utibe Abasi o) ( The Wonderful God) Nobody like you.(Anam nkpo ke ata ya odudu) ( He that manifest in power and might) Nobody like you.(Uko k’ekong), (Mighty man of war).Nobody like You (2times)Nobody like You(Nobody like you hai)Nobody like you(Nobody like you. hai hai)Nobody like You(Nobody like you hai)Nobody like you (hai hai hai)Great Wonder.(Glory and Honour to you Lord, give him praise o..)

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