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Saviour & friend is a song that comes to mind when one is faced with life s challenges and even after the battle is won, we praise him for seeing us through as that friend who was there through thick and thin. There are times when you can’t even confide in your closest friends regarding issues in your life, all you need to do is remember God’s promise to you in the book of Hebrews 13 verse 5 where he says he will never leave you nor forsake you. He will go through life with you and ensure that you get the victory because he is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Saviour & friend,   is my debut single. The song came to me at a point in my life where situations around me caused me to question God’s presence. The song is intended to, with the help of the holy spirit, lift heavy burdens and remind listeners that no matter the situation, God is always a present help. Aghogho

Lyrics - Saviour & Friend
When something seems
Too hard to handle
Too big to conquer
Too far away to touch

And all your dreams
Begin to shatter
And deep inside you
Your heart is filled with fear
Remember what he said


I'll never leave you
I won't forsake you
I'll always guide you
I will be with u
Unto the end

Lord you are my all
Lord you are my all
Lord you are my all
You 're my saviour and my friend 2x


My refuge
My shepherd
My fortress
You 're my way maker God

I hail you
I praise you
Extol you
Glorify you
Cos you are my all

Cos ure my saviour and my friend

You are reliable
You are dependable
In you I will trust

You' re my saviour and my friend

King of glory
Almighty God
Hallowed be your name

Chorus 2x

You're my saviour and my friend 3x

What a friend we have in him

Produced by Greenwox studios
Arranged and directed by Wilfred Eyo, ‘Donwify’
Drums -  Sunnie Snares,
Bass :Praise Akpan,
Guitar: Michael Okojie
 Aux: Godwin Hillary,
BGV: Frances Ojoh & Oche ‘D Brain’

Artiste Bio
Aghogho Abimbola OMOLEGBE
I started singing at a young age and this passion has led me to write songs of hope and encouragement based on God’s word, with a desire to reach people all over the world. Today with this debut single, this has become a reality.
My music is impactful as it is diverse cutting across different music genres .Singing is the one thing I do effortlessly and it forms the most of my time spent during the day.
I am a human resource professional by training and I believe in bringing out the best in people.
Also  currently a vocalist and member of the praise team of house on the rock, the refuge, Abuja &  happily married with 3 beautiful children.

Social Media
Twitter & IG @ageebims

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