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MODUPE ORE is one of the singles on the third-yet to be released album of Biola Fame. It's a medley that will bless the hearer and make you appreciate the CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND THE EARTH. The song also describes how great and awesome the lord is.

BIOLA FAME is an inspiring gospel art. She loves to discover new things, praising GOD is her doing and she believes in giving it back to the CREATOR through praise.


Mele sai dupe ore
ore ti jesu se funmi
ebamiyo modupe ore
baba pamilerin ayo'

jehovah pamilerin ayo
baba pamilerin ayo

omo mary pamilerin ayo
baba pamileri ayo

osemilore kabiti
baba pamilerin ayo

owa semilore babara
baba pamilerin ayo

otun semilore kanka
baba pamilerin ayo


opeloye eledumare
oba tinje emini
atini leyin,matini loju
toba tini'leyin talo le tini
emi abata,kafi ra tunpa
mowa deni,aji tonawo
ose. ose.
gbanigbani lofayemi seyanu
mowa deni,angbe gege
mele sai dupe ore
ore ti jesu se layemi
ebamiyo modupe ore
baba pamilerin ayo


Now see what i see
and i see
jehovah is good and i say it
believe,just believe
Baba osere shaaaa
osere fomore ni
abe o rimi ni
Orun si,ideja ,onala
moso rire
Talo seyi ooo?
ogbigba tin gbalailara
He brought me out of no body,and made me sombody
OSE... OSE...
Ose oooooooo
Biola fame gbohun soke
Biyi samuel korin siii
Alagbawi bami dawole
Osee oo
Mele sai dupe ore
oreti jesu se funmi
ebamiyo modupe ore
Baba pamilerin ayo...


Atobiju pamileri ayo
opami lerin ayo
olori aye bami lerin
baba pamilerin ayo

mowan fohun loke rere
kabiesi oseee
opa milerin ayo
ofunmi lorin tuntun
baba pamilerin ayo

onise iyanu fayo simi lokan
opamilerin ayo
osemi lore akakatan
baba pamilerin ayo

Opamilerin ayoo,opamilerin ayooo

Aditu iyanu sohun ara funmi
o pamilerin ayo
lilly of the valley
rose of sharon
baba pamilerin ayo

mukulumuke majo fun jesu mi ooo
o pamilerin ayo
majo fayera raye
ijinle ife ijile ife atoto farati bio ke
baba pamilerin ayo

O pami leri ayo
opamilerin ayo
opamilerin ayo
Baba pamilerin ayo

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