Music: Michael Law - Come And See || @michaellaw247

How about lacking words to express what God has done? That's a common feeling if you're always overwhelmed by His new deeds, all you just want to tell people that ask for the reason of your joy is, "Come and See!"
Michael Law, like the woman that met Jesus by the well, cannot contain the everlasting water and love showered on him and his family. His message to all those who thirst is in the new song titled COME & SEE.


ABOUT Michael Law

Lawal Michael, professionally known as Michael Law, is a music director, music teacher, songwriter, vocalist and praise and worship leader. He studied music at the prestigious Mountain Top School of Music (in partnership with ABRSM College).
He took interest in music at the age of 15 and became professional about it when his musical career started at the age of 23. He gives all credit to God for giving him the ability to preach the Gospel through music both within and outside the church.
Twitter: @michaellaw247
Facebook: Michael Law

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