Music: EmmyGrace - Ala Obimo (Bottom of My Heart) || @emmygrace4u

ALA-OBIMO, meaning BOTTOM OF MY HEART, is an expression of deep felt gratitude to God. Praise is something that comes from inside and you should take a moment to ponder about life, the breath through your nostrils, protection and safety and all of those good mercy you don't merit; think of friends and family have gone but you are still alive. Another question comes to mind, "Who am I that God is mindful of?" He thinks very good of us even when we fail to see any good around us. 

We ought to bow, lift our hands, glorify and magnify God forever with this beautiful worship masterpiece from Emmygrace.


This is a special birthday music premiere for Emmygrace and he has these words for his teeming fans;

"I specially want to thank God almighty for his grace and mercy I have enjoyed all these years.for life and preservation.

I use this special day to thank all my fans friends,followers and well wishers for all your support all through the previous years.your love shown me is so unprecedented. My success today will never be complete without you.

As I take a leap to another glorious year, I trust that my life and ministry will continue to be a blessing to the world.our impact to your life and destiny shall be fulfilled by the grace and help of God.

Inspiration, creativity and ingenuity in our calling is what we pray for always.we will work hard to make our impact felt and bless you.

Keep praying for me and supporting the Emmygrace brand in 2017 and beyond.

I pray specially for all our supporters;this year will be beautiful for you.You shall have your testimonies.your status will change.I see a greater you this year.You will make it in Jesus name.

Thanks and God graciously bless you,"

- Emmygrace



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