News: Benny Hinn Officially Announced the Christ Embassy Breded Singer Sinach as His Music Minister

Benny Hinn president of the Benny Hinn ministries on tuesday 1st of November  at Common Wealth of Zion (COZA) Abuja, officially announced the Christ embassy breded singer Sinach as his music minister.

There has been speculations about this new deal for the sensational gospel singer who has long served as the lead vocalist of  Believers Love world (Christ Embassy) this public announcement was made in Abuja after a successful exposition at the MHIS(Miracle Healing and Impartation Service) of Christ Embassy Lagos last weekend.

The visit by Pastor Benny to BLW demolishes rumors and speculations that the senior pastor of Christ embassy pastor Chris Oyakilome is uncomfortable with Sinach leaving the church. Sinach on the other hand has not come out with any official statement as to whether her new deal means that she is no more a member of Believers love World

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