News: Frank Edwards Reveals The Secret Behind His Successful Career In Music, Read For Free

Rock Town Boss- Frank Edwards Being one of the
most successful artists in world Reveals The Secret Behind His Successful Career In Music.
Read what he says below :
My music and I are inseparable; I go to bed with my music I wake up with my music.
My music is so jealous it takes all my time; I lost relationships Cus I had little or no time to make it work.
Yes I’m learning to create a balance, but still JESUS is my 1st love & my
music comes right after. I don’t try to do music .. Music is my life; even the sound of a spoon makes a lot of sense to me.
I practice , I listen , I explore I am the type that believes there is always a better way. I don’t mind trying 100 times to get the right result,
because even tho your voice belongs to you , you still need to learn how to use it..
Failing to do so is like buying a car without learning how to drive. well u can employ a driver, But u can’t employ anyone to use your own voice.
Know it 1st then the anointing will make a difference, U can’t replace work with prayer. As a musician how many instruments can you play??? It’s not
too late to learn anything Cus that’s what makes you a musician.
Anyone can sing So a musician must know extra.
How much do you love what you do?
How much time are you willing to put in?

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