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A former member of the multiple award winning gospel group Infinity, and with songs like Infinity’s “Olorioko” and “Aye Ole” to his credit, Kenny is a gifted and versatile songwriter, a man of great passion who loves God, a unique gospel minister, and a musician with a rare and unique kind of creativity and artistry. Currently exploring wider creative possibilities as a solo artiste, Kenny believes in bridging the extremities between art and spirit. His affinity for alternative rock music, ‘afrocentric vocalisms’ and strong use of the Yoruba language garnishes his sound. Furthermore, he believes that gospel artistes are strong tools of evangelism and that gospel music should remain at the forefront of kingdom expansion.
His first album as a solo artist was released in 2009 titled ELEDUMARE. With the hit tracks “So More” (are you grateful?) and “Yanibo”, (the story of the seductress whose cunny ways were overcomed by a faithful husband’s loyalty to his marriage) the album spread like wild fire in many people’s hands, speedily increasing his popularity in Nigeria, especially among the youths. With an increased demand for more from Kenny, ELEDUMARE was repackaged with three additional songs, ~ “Yalako”, “Official Baby” and “Press On” and in 2010 ‘ELEDUMARE RELOADED’ was released. Both albums are presently blessing lives and affecting people positively for God’s kingdom all over Nigeria.
A tremendous supporter of gospel music, Kenny continues to collaborate and work alongside his counterparts including but not limited to Psalmos, Laitan Dada, Tim Godfrey and the Extreme Crew, J Lyricist, Ibitayo Jeje, Mairo, Henri Soul, to name but a few. The 2010 nominee for Gospel Artist of the year from Nigeria Entertainment Awards(US based) aspires to make history as a man who served God’s purpose in his time and an accomplished musician of legendary repute, leaving behind a musical legacy.
Read My Interview With Kenny K’ore Below:
GospelHitsPlus: Can you give us a little bit about yourself (Who is Kenny Kore)?

Kenny Kore: Kenny Kore is Kehinde Olumide Akinbode. Moderately educated. One out of four siblings. From Ogun state. Abeokuta. Nigeria. A musician, gospel musician.
GospelHitsPlus: Why did you decide to pursue a professional music career?
Kenny Kore: I've always toyed with the idea of doing music for as long as I can remember, and was already in the studio before we formed the Infinity band of the Olorioko fame. The band cemented my decision to make music my career.
GospelHitsPlus: Have you been musically inclined for a long time? You have an amazing voice…everyone agrees to that. Why did you choose to do gospel music and not secular which seems to be more popular these days?
Kenny Kore: Thank you for your kind words. I couldn't do secular music because I gave my life to Christ, and didn't think anything I do hence shouldn't give glory to GOD.

GospelHitsPlus: How did your parents & family feel about your decision to go into music professionally?
Kenny Kore: My parents had their doubt about me venturing into the once not so lucrative field of music. However they have it to their credit that they never discouraged me. My late Dad bought me my first keyboard. He also gave me the money that we eventually used to pay for Infinity's first studio sessions.
GospelHitsPlus: What Genre or style would you consider your music?
Kenny Kore: I'm not limited by genres. I write as I'm inspired. The only thing I hope remains constant in my music is the efficacy of the Word of GOD, and the Spirit of excellence.
GospelHitsPlus: Are you signed to a label?
Kenny Kore: I own a company that covers for all my project. K'ore World Music. But there are labels, and there are labels. May GOD keep helping us.
GospelHitsPlus: So How Would you define Gospel Music in this Present Dispensation?
Kenny Kore: Gospel music has been erroneously taken as a genre of music, unfortunately this error is global in scale.Gospel music to me, is any music, despite genre, that exudes the Christian world view, and character; Music that edifies men and glorifies GOD.
GospelHitsPlus: Will you feature a secular Artist on a song?
Kenny Kore: No, I won't feature with a secular artist even though there are a number of them I admire. It isn't a decision that is easy for me to take as an artist. However as a Kingdom man, I know there are only two kingdoms on this earth, and we can't serve the two at the same time. Perhaps if we're doing a national teamed song, as a member of the Nigerian society, I may render a civic duty along with a secular artist, but that's it.
GospelHitsPlus: Looking down memory lane, is there any song of yours that you would point as your big break?
Kenny Kore: I've written several songs that's been a blessing to my career, from Olorioko, to Aye Ole, to So more, to Eledumare, to Halleluyah ,to YOUR peace, to Dide, to Praise YOU in advance etc. All of them blesses me differently at different times.
GospelHitsPlus: Why did we stop hearing about your former group ' Infinity'
Kenny Kore: Infinity is still out there, doing what they do best.

GospelHitsPlus: “Olori Oko” is believed to be the song that cemented your presence in the gospel music scene. Am i right? For the Non-Yorubas what does “Olori Oko” mean? What came about the track? what inspired you?
Kenny Kore: Olorioko, literally means The Owner Of The Farm. The song is a reminder that Jesus Christ is coming back. And we must live ready, because He's coming like a thief in the night.
GospelHitsPlus: Any Controversy so far?
Kenny Kore: Thank GOD there's no controversy.
GospelHitsPlus: you are gifted musically everyone knows that,But What is it about Kenny Kore you would want your fans out there to know?
Kenny Kore: I want people to know that by strength shall no man prevail, Kenny Kore has been helped from above.
GospelHitsPlus: What are you working on right now. Can we expect an album or other compilation or music video in the near future?
Kenny Kore: I'm working on my 3rd studio album after the serial first two albums; Eledumare -Eledumare reloaded -Eledumare Classic. And Noah - Noah relentless.

GospelHitsPlus: There is always this traditional feel about your songs and sometimes you tell stories and folktales with your songs, why?
Kenny Kore: I'm a proud African, and deliberately show case Afrocentric vibes in my music to celebrate my heritage as a black man.

GospelHitsPlus: You’ve done a few collaborations and have been featured in couple of tracks You’ve been actively involved in the music scene for years, from your point of view has the Nigerian music scene improved over the years or is quality and standard dropping?

Kenny Kore: In a lot of ways the Nigerian music scene has recorded a lot of improvement, as a matter of truth, we are the pride of Africa artistically. However we've lost a lot of our morality in the process. Hopefully this can stop.
GospelHitsPlus: Are you married or in any serious relationship?
Kenny Kore: I am a husband, and a father.

GospelHitsPlus: As far as Nigeria is concern you are Rated As one of the Best Gospel Art in the country,in your own words how do you define Gospel Music/Entertainment Industry?
Kenny Kore: There is no gospel Music Industry in Nigeria. At best you have a handful of people who are following their passion to do music that honours GOD despite the rough terrain. There is no single non denominational gospel label in this country. No single united Christian music marketing front. No sir, there is no Gospel Music Industry in Nigeria, not yet.
GospelHitsPlus: Do you have a role model in the industry? What were your musical influences growing up as a child?
Kenny Kore: I have been inspired by Don Moen, daddy Panam Percy Paul, to name just two.
GospelHitsPlus: What’s the hardest part/thing in being a celebrity…especially a gospel artist?
Kenny Kore: The institutional celebrity culture is not Biblical hence I don't live like a celebrity, I don't have a celebrity's problem.
GospelHitsPlus: what do you have to say about Gospelhitsplus?
Kenny Kore: Gospelhitsplus has been unflinching in their support for gospel music online, and I'm so grateful to the team. May GOD empower you to do more in Jesus Name.
GospelHitsPlus: Finally Kenny Kore what do you have to say to your fans out there? Any shout-outs? Many young people in Nigeria seem to have embraced the entertainment industry and are getting involved. Any word for upcoming acts?
Kenny Kore: My final word to people out there, and upcoming artist (I'm also upcoming),
GospelHitsPlus: For bookings or inquiries how can your fans reach you?

Kenny Kore: Fb handle : Kenny Kore
                       Twitter : kennykore
                       Instagram : Korekenny
                       Phone: 2348037561632
                                                     THANK YOU GOSPEHITSPLUS!!!

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